The Opening Day

The Itakos Art Gallery, born in March 2017,  reopened  for its 2nd anniversary in a new location with new spaces and new exhibitions  by Megan Prumier, Indigo Claire and Akim Alonzo.  At the White Pavilion Megan exhibits her “Modern Tribes” inspired by Pop Art,  in the Grey Pavilion “Glances and Nuances”,  portraits and personal suggestions by Indigo Claire. In the Black Pavilion Akim Alonzo reproposes his “Water”,  already residing in a sim LEA and finally in the Orange Pavilion still Akim Alonzo exhibits his new “The Matrix”.

More than 90 peoples visit the gallery and here some glances taken by visitors : a special thank to the photographers Aubray Beaumont, PHart Lux and Rofina Bronet