Awesome Fallen Simply Dreaming

When I asked Awesome Fallen to describe her art to me, she replied: simply dreaming. In fact, this multi-faceted Spanish artist embodies an essential dreamlike feature in her photography. Images between the surreal and the ironic that are made of the matter of dreams, quoting Shakespeare.

A dream-like, sometimes candid and tender, sometimes disturbing and gloomy, sometimes with dark colors, sometimes pastel and shaded tones, like the visions imagined in dreams can be. She often shows in her images visions of gashes, of fragmentation, of recomposition starting from a void that shows something behind her. Empty eyes, blindfolded, missing parts of a surrealistic puzzle that tell us about her life and visions.

The Awesome exhibition start on April 6 2019 at the Grey Pavilion of the Itakos Art Gallery.