A Look on Secondlife Women

Full screen video

With this exhibition we celebrate 4 years of life of the Soul Portraits-Itakos Art Gallery group on the Flickr platform, with more than 5700 photos published by about 250 photographers registered in the group. A collective exposition that focuses on female portraits, and the selected artists all have a particular and personal eye on the emotions that a second life avatar can express. Feminine looks that touch, sometimes deep and inextricable, or tender, half-closed or hidden eyes, looks that wander beyond or that stare at you, questioning your soul. Soul Portraits, in fact.

And is for me a tribute to the women of Secondlife and their way of being in this virtual life, which them fill with naturalness and meaning.

Thanks to the artists: Roberta Barineaux, Maloe Vansant, Sonic, Mr S. Is looking at you, Lula Yue, Izabela Navarathna, Charlie Namiboo, Faleny, Moki Yuitza, Katia Lavecchia, Miuccia Klaar.