The Edgy World of M

Maloe Vansant returns to the Itakos Art Gallery with a collection of 18 photos that want to tell us about an unusual and hidden side of her imaginary world.

A dark tale, with deep blacks, passionate and sharp reds that show perhaps fears and unconscious desires mixed with sensuality. 

As the Artist says : “Always been attracted to the freaky and edgy things in life, i try to see the beauty in it, without it life would be boring”

Each of these photos is therefore part of the same path, of the same story told with delicacy and at the same time strong and full of fears. Perhaps the fear of cutting yourself with sharp thoughts that often remain undercurrent.

But it is a subtle, acceptable fear that can be defined by everyone as part of himself, and it is only by recognizing it that it blunts and loses its cutting and dangerous part. The Edgy World of M and maybe all of us.

Exposition starts on May 26 at the White Pavilion of the Itakos Art Gallery

“Golden” by Paola Mills

May 2019

Awesome Fallen “Mind the Gap”

Space Oddity

New Season 2020-2021

Bhava by mrs.S

Phenomenal Women

Bamboo Barnes “Meant to Be”

Senna Coronet expo “Union” at Itakos Video

Portraits and some Other Circumstances

The Stolen Child

Homage to Surrealism

The Edgy World of M