Bamboo Barnes “Meant to Be”

Bamboo Barnes is a self-taught Japanese artist who has been working with digital images in Secondlife for some years, and also works with digital in real life.

The first striking thing about her artwork is an incredible explosion of colors, deep and dense, spread as if on a fantastic palette with a surreal flavor.

Fantasies and very personal dreams speak of her life, they are imbued with emotion in telling her favorite themes : the confusion of life, hope, strange love .. but above all, what I read is a focus on abandonment.

Shadows, double faces, mouths covered, the sense of emotional contrast between two polarities, the sadness and the excitement which are probably a deep need for the artist to express. And Bamboo solves them and expresses them in images that are explosive, as urgent, but at the same time calm, reflective, abandoned to those who want to see and interpret them.

“Meant to Be” is the evocative title of this perennial moving meanings of the art itself. The reality is elusive, sometimes surreal, we capture it and then abandon it in a glance.

On Display at Blue Pavilion starting April 10.

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