The Magical Rooms

The Magical Rooms : everything is connected to everything else and those who look closely will discover how the connection of objects in a room can evoke subtle emotions and tell the stories between the lines.  

Mrs. S.: Driven by her fascination for colours, light, objects in rooms and initially merely taking pictures of their combination, mrs. S. discovered her love to design those rooms by herself in the first place. She evolved from a picture maker to a storyteller in her very own way: The idea of a room or space and what it is filled with, as a well designed silent witness of human relations, needs and yearning. 

Mr. S : Being an intense partner in discussing the impact of those rooms Mr. S. became a congenial contributor to the overall experience by using his capability as a musician and light magician. 

As at various occasions before he brings his magical and sensitive soundtracks and lights to these rooms and by that adding another dimension to it: RL sound recordings, collages and beautifully spheric electronic harmonies make these rooms literally “3D” simply by letting our ears participate. 

On Display at Gold Pavilion – Platform 2 of Itakos Art Gallery starting April 20, 2020.

“Golden” by Paola Mills

April 2020

Awesome Fallen “Mind the Gap”

Space Oddity

New Season 2020-2021

Bhava by mrs.S

Phenomenal Women

Bamboo Barnes “Meant to Be”

Senna Coronet expo “Union” at Itakos Video

Portraits and some Other Circumstances

The Stolen Child

Homage to Surrealism

The Edgy World of M