The Stolen Child

A new story is told at the Itakos Art Gallery. The Stolen Child was born from the meeting between CybeleMoon and Akim Alonzo, sharing a passion for Celtic legends and the magical scenarios they evoke.

Photos of CybeleMoon and Akim Alonzo’s scenic installation interpret the poem The Stolen Child (1889) by W.B. Yeats, in which it is said that Fairies are not benevolent creatures at all, attracted by strength and vitality of mankind, or beautiful children and especially newborns.

Tales, fairy tales and ballads of the Celtic tradition are rich in fairy Kidnappings. The Fairy Kidnapping was an attempt to rationalize the pain of devastating death, when he catches life still in bud. There was consolation in thinking that the fairies had stolen that young life from a sad destiny, according to the ancient religion only those who are dear to the gods die young.

Cybele Moon (Hana Hoobinoo) grew up steeped in fairy lore and legends and folk tales. Her dreams and images are full of haunted woodlands and enchanted children. She has already written to that about time and space between the old Celtic legends.

On view at the Itakos Art Gallery starting from August  31, 2019.

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