Overlapping Realities

With this “Overlapping Realities” the Itakos Art Gallery inaugurates a new experience and exhibition concept : to show works by artists who have no presence in the Second life virtual world.

The first to expo in this line is Jean Toussaint Tosi, a photographer born in Corsica who lives in Paris. He defines himself as a serious humorist photographer. Visionary and surrealistic, his work is an interesting mixture of symbolism and graphic elements, where dreams and even catastrophic nightmares take on an elegant and light form.

A style that I would define Cinematographic, with long and panoramic fields of a fervent imagination, which finds inspiration in science fiction and in Hollywood colossals.
A black and white Movie where light air balloons float in a gloomy and cloud-filled sky while airplanes falling and the ocean waves are gigantic and surmount our fears. The Virtuality that overlaps with Reality.

It is a surreal world, therefore, that resembles and adheres to the concept of virtuality as we live it in Second life. On Display at the Black Pavilion from December 15.
Good vision.

promo video on site

A review by Inara Pey blog is here :

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