Awesome Fallen “Mind the Gap”

Awesone returns to Itakos after almost 2 years, with a new exhibition that talks about the “difference”, which divides us but which is also a great opportunity for sharing and enrichment. Metaphor that concerns the life of all of us, between male and female, between peoples, ethnic groups, religions, where you can observe the differences, feel the disparities, suffer from disagreement. Mind The Gap , in all possible meanings of

New Season 2020 – 2021

Starting October 9, 2020 The new and restyled Itakos Art Gallery opens the new exhibition season on October 9th with the Calypso Applewhyte exhibition entitled Space Oddity. Four Pavilions on 2 Floors and One on a Platform , and The New Matrix Art Club A Look on the New Itakos Art Gallery

The Magical Rooms

The Magical Rooms : everything is connected to everything else and those who look closely will discover how the connection of objects in a room can evoke subtle emotions and tell the stories between the lines.   Mrs. S.: Driven by her fascination for colours, light, objects in rooms and initially merely taking pictures of their combination, mrs. S. discovered her love to design those rooms by herself in the

Bamboo Barnes “Meant to Be”

Bamboo Barnes is a self-taught Japanese artist who has been working with digital images in Secondlife for some years, and also works with digital in real life. The first striking thing about her artwork is an incredible explosion of colors, deep and dense, spread as if on a fantastic palette with a surreal flavor. Fantasies and very personal dreams speak of her life, they are imbued with emotion in telling

Art and Quantum States in Second Life

Having opened at the Itakos Project, curated by Akim Alonzo, Milena Carbone’s Agape in Pace is a fascinating exploration of art, love, hate, religion, politics  – all of which might be summed up as the human condition; together with reflections on quantum field theory – specifically the quantum vacuum state and the Casimir effect. Spread over two floors of the gallery space, the exhibit presents a mix of images and text panels, which together present a layered, nuanced

Overlapping Realities

With this “Overlapping Realities” the Itakos Art Gallery inaugurates a new experience and exhibition concept : to show works by artists who have no presence in the Second life virtual world. The first to expo in this line is Jean Toussaint Tosi, a photographer born in Corsica who lives in Paris. He defines himself as a serious humorist photographer. Visionary and surrealistic, his work is an interesting mixture of symbolism

Homage to Surrealism on Second Life

Blog by Inara Pey

Portraits and Narratives in Second Life

A new Blog post by Inara Pey about the Itakos Art Gallery.

The Stolen Child

A new story is told at the Itakos Art Gallery. The Stolen Child was born from the meeting between CybeleMoon and Akim Alonzo, sharing a passion for Celtic legends and the magical scenarios they evoke. Photos of CybeleMoon and Akim Alonzo’s scenic installation interpret the poem The Stolen Child (1889) by W.B. Yeats, in which it is said that Fairies are not benevolent creatures at all, attracted by strength and

Soulportrait New Collection Summer B&W Edition

On display for the summer the new Collection from the Itakos Flickr group. Follow the link to Oema’s VIRTUALITY BLOG

Portraits and some Other Circumstances

Already hosted at the Austin Gallery on Second Life in June, this revamped Akim Alonzo exhibition will reside again for the summer in the Itakos Gallery’ s Black Pavilion.  Akim shows us some of his revisited or unpublished female portraits, united by a sensual look. The Circumstances are particular moments, captured by the artist, in which something unique and unrepeatable happens like in a virtual instant and charged for Akim

The Edgy World of M

Maloe Vansant returns to the Itakos Art Gallery with a collection of 18 photos that want to tell us about an unusual and hidden side of her imaginary world. A dark tale, with deep blacks, passionate and sharp reds that show perhaps fears and unconscious desires mixed with sensuality.  As the Artist says : “Always been attracted to the freaky and edgy things in life, i try to see the

Water and a Matrix: Reflections on life by Akim Alonzo – article by Inara Pey

It may seem a little unfair presenting two reviews of exhibitions at the same gallery space in such short order, but the fact is the Itakos Project, curated by Akim Alonzo, is currently hosting exhibitions by Awesome Fallen and Akim himself which I personally feel should not be missed. Having covered Awesome’s Simply Dreaming just a day ago (see Awesome Fallen at the Itakos Project in Second Life), with this piece, I’m diving into the what

A Look on Secondlife Women

With this exhibition we celebrate 4 years of life of the Soul Portraits-Itakos Art Gallery group on the Flickr platform, with more than 5700 photos published by about 250 photographers registered in the group. A collective exposition that focuses on female portraits, and the selected artists all have a particular and personal eye on the emotions that a second life avatar can express. Feminine looks that touch, sometimes deep and

Inara Pey Modemworld Review

In 2017, Akim Alonzo launched the Itakos Project as a Linden Endowment for the Arts installation with the aim of presenting the work of SL photographers who, through their images, engage upon story-telling or presenting the ideas of stories, or who seek to present beauty and emotion through their study of the avatar and the worlds around it (see The Itakos Project in Second Life). However, I confess I lost track

VIRTUALITY Blog April 2019 Review

Awesome Fallen Simply Dreaming

When I asked Awesome Fallen to describe her art to me, she replied: simply dreaming. In fact, this multi-faceted Spanish artist embodies an essential dreamlike feature in her photography. Images between the surreal and the ironic that are made of the matter of dreams, quoting Shakespeare. A dream-like, sometimes candid and tender, sometimes disturbing and gloomy, sometimes with dark colors, sometimes pastel and shaded tones, like the visions imagined in

ECLIPSE Magazine March2019 Review

Modern Tribes by Megan Prumier

Megan Prumier is an eclectic artist in Second Life, builder and photographer, expresses her personal and recognizable style. In this exhibition, as she herself says, she engages in a different approach to the representation of female figures, a model of herself, freely inspired by Andy Warhol’s Pop Art. A game and a fun of colors and suggestions that describe an imaginary Modern Women Tribes with characters with fantastic names. Naked

Glances and Nuances by Indigo Claire

Currently in the gallery’s gray pavilion, Indigo Claire shares her soft-toned photographs, mostly particular self-portraits where she sees herself faded, with a fearful and sometimes shaded look that describes her way of being or feeling. Pastel tones, uneven contours, sensations of delicacy. A photograph that does not describe, but makes us see, imagine, the personality of the artist and what she wants to communicate about herself. The artist takes her

The Opening Day

The Itakos Art Gallery, born in March 2017,  reopened  for its 2nd anniversary in a new location with new spaces and new exhibitions  by Megan Prumier, Indigo Claire and Akim Alonzo.  At the White Pavilion Megan exhibits her “Modern Tribes” inspired by Pop Art,  in the Grey Pavilion “Glances and Nuances”,  portraits and personal suggestions by Indigo Claire. In the Black Pavilion Akim Alonzo reproposes his “Water”,  already residing in

The Matrix by Akim Alonzo

These photos are loosely based on the cult movie Matrix, a metaphor for a world of people trapped in a simulated, virtual reality that has many aspects in common with the Secondlife world. Akim dreams of avatars and life scenes in second life revealed in their intrinsic background network where avatars do not realize meanwhile living their own virtual lives. A game of discovery of an imaginary network that it’s

Bunkers are Us by Kai Kohime


The Sanskrit word “Bhava” In Buddhism means being, worldly existence, becoming, birth, be, production, origin experience, in the sense of rebirths and redeaths, because a being is so conditioned and propelled by the karmic accumulations; but also habitual or emotional tendencies. Birth is usually interpreted as rebirth in one of the realms of existence, namely heaven, demi-god, human, animal, hungry ghost or hell realms (bhavacakra) of Buddhist cosmology. With the

Phenomenal Women

Itakos Project is proud to present two great secondlife photographers, Cecilia Nansen and Maloe Vansant, united in the project to interpret a poem about women, inspiring on the contemporary African American poet Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou (April 4, 1928 – May 28, 2014) was an American poet, singer, memoirist, and civil rights activist. She published seven autobiographies, three books of essays, several books of poetry, and she was a cast member

The Stolen Child closing party

On St. Patrick’s Day – Mar 17, 2020  1:30 pm SL time Akim Alonzo and Itakos Gallery will be celebrating the closing of “The Stolen Child” by CybeleMoon based on the poem by W.B. Yeats Corwyn Allen will play a mix of Celtic, tunes for dancing and listening to honour the occasion. Put on your best Irish and come and celebrate

“Golden” by Paola Mills

January 2022

Awesome Fallen “Mind the Gap”

Space Oddity

New Season 2020-2021

Bhava by mrs.S

Phenomenal Women

Bamboo Barnes “Meant to Be”

Senna Coronet expo “Union” at Itakos Video

Portraits and some Other Circumstances

The Stolen Child

Homage to Surrealism

The Edgy World of M